Service Guarantee
We take great pride in the services that we provide, we guarantee our work. If for any
reason you are unsatisfied with your service, please call us within 3 days of your last
appointment and we will be happy to schedule a new appointment at no charge.

Gift Cards
Gift Cards and Gift Receipts are non-refundable.

Dylan Keith caters to our clients needs, therefore appointments requested before or after
business hours will be granted upon request and approval.

All prices are subject to change without notice. Some services are available only by reservation
or ability.

Dylan Keith is not responsible for any lost or damaged goods. It is a good idea to remove all
earrings and use smocks that are provided to ensure that nothing gets damaged.

Dylan Keith is a team. Please feel comfortable trying different stylists within the salon. We believe
this is important to not only find the right fit, but also try something new.

Dylan Keith Salon & Spa reserves the right to refuse service.

Our Mission
Dylan Keith offers clients the highest level of service, always providing continuing education for
professional hair designs. We want our salon and education center to be inspiring to the client
and staff. At Dylan Keith we believe in the importance of a team. We are passionate about what
we do and will always strive to deliver exceptional service.

Single Process Policy
A single process service does not include additional color to pull through the color to the
ends of the hair. Please speak with your colorist and a color pull through will be applied for
an additional fee of $25

Blow Dry Policy
Clients will receive a complimentary 10 minute finishing Blow Out out with all services.
If a client wishes for a full professional Blow Dry after a service than that will need to be
booked accordingly and will receive the professional Blow Dry for an additional fee.
(If a hot iron straightening service is to be required, the client will receive an additional
fee of $15.

Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy
Please be on time for your appointment to ensure full services as we may have to
reschedule your appointment if you are excessively late. We require 24 Hours advance
notice should cancellation become necessary.

Method of Payment
Dylan Keith Accepts: Visa, Master Card, Cash and checks. We do not give cash back on
credit card sales.

Gratuity is customary for a good service and always left to the discretion of our clients.
Please be aware that gratuities cannot be charged to your credit card.

Return Policy On Retail
We do not accept returns on opened products. At Dylan Keith we work with our clients
during their service to guarantee that the client leaves with the right tools.